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  • Category:Waterborneepoxyresin
  • Solid content:50-51
  • Appearance:乳白色乳液
  • Viscosity:2000-3000

Product Details


This product is independently developed and produced by our company. It is a non-toxic and environment-friendly polymer material. It is a lotion made of epoxy resin after emulsification in water; It is an ideal material for building, decoration and coating manufacturers to develop environmental protection products.

Product features:
1. Excellent stability.
2. Good compatibility with various cosolvents and curing agents.
3. Good compatiblity with various pigments.
4. Diluted with water, the paint film has strong adhesion, high strength, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant.
5. Fast curing speed; (100um scraper, surface dry for 40min, solid dry for 3h and 50min).
6. Excellent water resistance and salt spray resistance.
7. Sprayed epoxy primer, 50 microns, surface dry at room temperature for 7 minutes.
8. Good sagging resistance.

Product use:
For metal primer.

Keep in storage:
Store at room temperature, away from light.

Package specification:
50KG/plastic bucket, lined with double-layer plastic PE bag.

The above data are obtained by the Research Institute of our company. Please contact the application engineer of our company for the reference formula. Please do a good job of relevant performance data and data test before use. The above text is not used as any legal evidence.