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  • Category:Aqueous acrylic dispersion
  • Solid content:45±2
  • Appearance:乳白微蓝乳液
  • Viscosity:1500±500

Product Details

This product is a polyhydroxyacrylate dispersion without free emulsifier.

Product features:

1. The product has good storage stability.
2. The particle size is small.
3. Compared with the same type of products, the special branching structure makes it have good leveling, excellent drying performance, high gloss and high fllness when making water- based coatings.

Product use:
It is mainly used for two-liquid PU paint (two-component).

Keep in storage:
Avoid high temperature and light at room temperature.

Package specification:
50kg plastic bucket, lined with two layers of plastic PE bags,IBC Ton Barrel.

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