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  • Category:Ester soluble polyurethane res
  • Solid content:32±1
  • Appearance:微黄透明粘液
  • Viscosity:400-600

Product Details

ADL -3006
This product is alcohol ester soluble polyurethane resin.

Product features:

1. The product has low viscosity, excellent color development and good adhesion to PET, PE, NY, etc.
2. Good leveling, quick drying, good adhesion, especially suitable for making color ink, and suitable for high-speed machine.
3. As a new type of environmental protecti on ink resin, it shows unique heat resistance, strong adhesion and good heat resistance when used in plastic printing and packaging. At the same time, the printing composite performance is excellent.
4. The resin is polymerized with special polyols, and its color development and adhesion can completely replace the imported resin, with good solvent release, and it also has certain adhesion to BOPP after 24 hours.

Product use:
It is mainly used for food soft packaging composite ink; processed BOPPIPE\PETINY printing ink, paper gravure printing, BOPP\PETIPE surface treatment, plastic box foam surface treatment, can be used for coating related profiles. The product has excellent heat resistance and hydrolysis resistance. It can be used to prepare concave printing ink with 100C water boiling and 121C high temperature resistance cooking and disinfection. In order to obtain excellent strength and heat resistance of the ink system, please add appropriate curing agent.

Keep in storage:
Avoid high temperature and light at room temperature.

Package specification:
180KG 1 Drum, IBC ton barrel.

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